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The Bike Storage Company

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings; focussing on sustainable value and efficiency.The BREEAM assessment process evaluates the procurement, design, construction and operation of products installed on certified developments and are targeted against performance benchmarks.


At the Bike Storage Company, we understand the value of BREEAM accreditation to contractors and as such we have designed and fabricate all of our products to meet BREEAM Cyclists Facilities criteria including our BREEAM Bike Shelters and BREEAM Bike Storage range.



The key points to gain credits under BREEAM TRA 03 Cyclist Facilities are:


  • Cycles can be secured within spaces in the cycle rack(s). They must be covered overhead and the cycle racks set in or fixed to a permanent structure.
  • The distance between each cycle rack(s) and other obstructions, e.g. a wall allows for appropriate access to the cycle storage space to enable bikes to be easily stored and accessed.
  • The bike storage facility or entrance to the facility is in a prominent location from either an occupied building or a main access to a building.
  • The cycle storage area has adequate lighting (further defined in BREEAM issue HEA 01 Visual comfort).


Further credits are available if facilities such as showers, changing rooms, lockers and drying spaces are provided.


If you are concerned about any aspect of the BREEAM criteria for Cycle facilities, please contact our sales team who will be able to discuss your individual requirements.

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